• Perfect Hair Removal Cream
  • Perfect Hair Removal Cream
  • Perfect Hair Removal Cream
  • Perfect Hair Removal Cream
  • Perfect Hair Removal Cream
  • Perfect Hair Removal Cream

Perfect Hair Removal Cream

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A gentle hair removal cream that's perfect for your legs, arms, and body, Some By Mi Perfect Clear Hair Removal Cream works by gently dissolving unwanted hair, leaving your skin smooth and clear in just 7 minutes. It soothes with natural ingredients and promotes hair regrowth that’s thinner and softer. It is a safe, quasi-drug product approved by the KFDA.


Despite you have shaved and plucked your hair so hard, does it look even worse due to dis-coloration and cuts? 

Forget painful and irritating depilation method with this new  PERFECT HAIR REMOVAL CREAM.

Can be used by male and female

  • KFDA Approved
  • Works by dissolving hair
  • With continued use, the hair becomes thinner and soft over time.
  • Contains natural ingredients which soothes the skin and keep it moisturized
  • Apply 5-7 minutes do not exceed 10 minutes so it won't irritate skin
  • RInse well
  • Avoid using in sensitive areas


  • Discover the amazing effect of perfect clear hair removal cream
  • Remove in a flash
  • Perfectly removes stubborn hair in 7 minutes

How to Use:

To best remove hair, apply in the direction of hair growth and wipe it off in the opposite direction. 

Recommended time for each body part:
1. Armpits: 5~7minutes
2. Arms: 5~7minutes
3. Legs 5~10minutes.
The amount of time may differ from person to person depending on hair texture and condition.

Cautions when using:
1. Before using, do patch test on a small area of your skin.
2. Do not use on weak, sensitive skin areas (face, pubic hair, waxed areas, etc.).
3. Never leave the cream on your skin longer than 10 minutes.
4. In the event of a prickly feeling, discomfort or irritation during use, wipe it off immediately and wash with cold water.

– Do not use before and after menstruation, before and after childbirth, and patients after an illness.
– Do not use on face and skin with a wound, boil, eczema, erosion, other inflammations, spots, or irritation.
– Do not use on skin that has had side effects after using hair removal cream.

Use antiperspirant, perfume, astringent lotion after 24 hours of using this product.

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